I was born in Farmington, Connecticut. Shortly after I had moved to Ruckersville, Virginia. I spent most of my childhood days spending time with my family and friends, studying, or outdoors enjoying nature. Even as a child I knew when I put my heart into something nothing could stop me. It was not easy growing up. However I feel that because of those challenging times, I have become the strong person that I am today. 

At a young age, I knew I wanted to inspire and help people. At first, I thought that nursing and music would be my only avenue to do that. But then I realized that modeling is also another way I can have a voice in helping people. Through my work I hope to inspire and motivate those who feel trapped by what troubles them.

 Before pursuing modeling, I invested my time into working as a nurse for five years. I also performed full time as a musician. I sing and play piano by ear. One day my life changed when I was scouted at a local store. The rest was history. Now I am recognized as an international model. I am also a full time musician, actress, and fashion designer. I have been published over 100 times in various international fashion magazines, as well as being featured as a cover model several times. I have walked in 30 runway shows across the United States in just three years. I have walked in shows such as New York Fashion Week, Atlantic City Fashion Week, New Hampshire Fashion Week, and RAW Artists Premiere Show. I have starred in commercials and ads for international fashion designers such as Poar. I am also the brand ambassador for fashion designers Monteza, Get Go Apparel, and Del Ray Trends. 

2018 embarked on a year of great change for me. I took a turn away from modeling and music. I became the owner and designer of my very own clothing line called Rebelle. I established my own brand to show off what makes people feel unique and stand out. Rebelle is all about being yourself and representing oneself as an individual. Establishing the clothing line in 2018, Rebelle has already taken off and has been featured in several fashion shows across the United States. For the launch of my brand Rebelle I performed, modeled, and designed all at one show called New England Fashion Week. That was the first time that was ever done in history. 

Now to know that I am helping inspire those to go after their dreams is remarkable. I have created a positive message for the youth and for women to embrace being themselves and that they do not need to cover up their natural beauty. Just knowing I can encourage and inspire others is the most rewarding gift. 

I believe that modeling is not about stereotypes. It is about creating looks and showing your individuality. I believe that your weaknesses are only weaknesses if you allow them to be. Just like I did, you can turn those weaknesses into strengths that can set you apart and help motivate you unto bigger and better things.

The time I feel happiest and most comfortable is when I am hiding away on a beach with a pair of sunglasses, soft sand and some Reggae music. I love exercising and worshipping the sun. I am purely vegetarian, so I am all about good nutrition and finding new ways to keep my body in top shape. I could not be more grateful for my team, fans, and those who supported me along the way. 




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